Saturday, May 30, 2015

Script by Orhr. Great mistress of the reception

Good evening Professors, Doctors, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Thank you very much for joining the Welcome Reception of the xxx, tonight.

It is truly a great pleasure to be given this opportunity to extend a warm welcome you all here.
I am xxx, an assistant professor at xxx, collaborating with and grown up at the xxx for x & x.

As for the opening, I would like to introduce you Professor x, to welcome you. He is the Congress President of this Meeting as well as the President of the x, and the Deputy Director of the xxx.

Upon receiving messages from professors, we are honored annoumce that we have a great simultaneous interpreter, xxxx with us tonight. Thus, for the non-Japanese speakers, I would like to ask you to wear earphone close to you.

Now, please join me in welcoming Professor xxx.
Thank you, Professor xxx. It was very encouraging remarks.

Now, it is my pleasure to welcome Professor xxx, the Director of the xxx, for the greetings

Thank you, Professor xxx. I will keep in mind what I learned from your speech.

Next, I am honored to introduce Professor xxx, the former President of the xxx, for his remarks.
Thank you Professor xxx. It was an inspirational one.

And now, it is my honor to welcome Professor xxx, also the former President of the xxx to propose the toast.
Thank you Professor xxx. It is always great to listen to your speech includes both praise and roast.

Now the reception has just started. Please enjoy yourselves and have a good time!

I hope you all are enjoying out great dinner and conversations with friends and colleagues. Please allow me to interrupt you here, for explaining what we have on our table.
I believe you may have been enjoying the entertaining set next to the centerpiece, already.

This is….

I am honored to announce that we have many guests here tonight. I wish we could have speeches from all the guests, however I'm really afraid that we don't have enough time for that. For that reason, please let me ask a few words from the guests from abroad at their seat. My great colleagues, Dr. xx and Dr. xx are going to support to pass round the microphone to you.

Let me start from Professor xxx in the front.
Thank you all for your corporation to keep this part of the reception brief enough.
We still have some time before closing. Please enjoy yourselves.

I hope you all have a good time this evening. Unfortunately, it is time for me to call upon Professor xx, for the closing remarks. He is the secretary-general of this meeting, and the Head of the xxx at the xxx.
Thank you, Professor xxx.

With this, I would like to conclude the Welcome Reception of the xxx.
I hope you will have a good rest tonight and hope to see you again at the session tomorrow. Thank you.

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