Thursday, July 14, 2016

LI Mtg draft

Encourage Authors to upload LI & MP sites. Digital image upload and not expensive though. Good for readers but not authors. Instruments such as Aperio is commonly available.ditto image quality is very good at present. I pulled it is not mandatory for Authors.

Sequencing analysis and methylation analysis needs to be uploaded to the public database. For detail image, there is no available public database.

I had opportunities to talk about LI summer school on your meetings by using the booklets and monthly journals.

My target for promotion includes pathologist in Japan who go to USCAp Meeting because they submit papers to LI and subscribe LI. Flyers and booklets specific on LI are also available. Ppt files are of help. I'm a member over science committee in Japanese society I'll pass over this. Science board members are very much interested in LI in addition to nature sister journals. I love the target in Japan include basically searches through Rockland I knew mom without over human can you go disorders. They think LI as one of their nature publishes academic Journals.

I also have a good network with other editorial board members, i.e. Eiichi Morii, Masahiko Kuroda & Fumihiko Urano.

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